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Almost all the outdoor sports can cause you some major or minor injuries. Horseback riding is one of the famous and useful sports around the globe. However, riding an animal like horse is not an easy task as it requires proper training from experts even though sometimes experienced and professional riders face injuries.

Riders are not spared from falls and that’s why you should always take proper precautions while riding a horse. You can take proper lessons for horse riding in Inverurie and all these issues can be taken care of by your trainers. Here are some of the general injuries discussed:

  1. Wrist injury:

This injury happens when the jockey tries to save her/him and drops onto the outstretched hand. This way your wrist gets injured. In such condition, you may apply ice on the injured area.

  1. Sprained ankle:

This is one of the common injuries that take place during horseback riding. Such type of injury usually happens when the jockey is pushed off from a horse and then lands awkwardly.

These problems can be avoided if you take proper preventions which are as follows:

  • Always wear a complete set of gears while riding.
  • Do not make noises near the horse and always carry a first aid kit along with you.

All these measures will be told properly while taking lessons for horse riding in Inverurie,


Always follow all the instructions of your trainer to avoid any type of mishap.

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Some Of The Common Horseback Riding Injuries And Measures To Prevent Them
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